Established in 2003

Living in the Pacific Northwest we have spent years exploring the shores of our fabulous beaches. Along the way, we have collected many wonderful and unique pieces of sea glass. As our collection grew, many pieces began to stand out. Turning these treasures into a well defined simple and modern line of jewelry seemed the best way to showcase each individual piece in its own special way. 

It gives us great pleasure to share our creations with you, we hope that you enjoy your jewelry for years to come. 

As time passes along we feel so blessed to be able to share the beautiful beaches with our children, and hope one day to share them with our grandchildren. We share the stories of the surf, sand and sky. We teach our children to love the water and all its living creatures, to wonder about the mysteries of the deep. We imagine about times passed as we collect sea glass, discussing about its possible beginning. The excitement of a single piece of sea glass can thrill even a three year old, and that is a sight to behold.

Our favorite quote:
"In the wet sand by her foot, a bit of color catches her eye. She picks it up and studies it. The glass is green, pale and cloudy, the color of lime juice that has been squeezed into a glass. The edges of the shard are weathered and smooth and do not hurt at all. She brushes the sand off and presses the sea glass into her palm, keeping it for luck."   - Anita Shreve, Sea Glass, The Novel

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