I got the necklace that you made from my daughter for my birthday and I just thought I should tell you how much I love it!!!  I LOVE the sea and everything about it, which makes living in Idaho a challenge!  So, it's nice to have a little bit of the sea with me as I wear this.  I have already received several compliments on it. You're very talented, what a fun business. Keep up the good work and know that there's someone in Idaho who LOVES your work!!! - Trudi from Idaho

Got the earrings and necklace, they are beautiful, thank you!! -Deb From Texas

"I first fell in love with a necklace from Simple Sea Glass over a year ago, and couldn't stop thinking about the piece. When I finally purchased it (with matching earrings!), I was constantly getting compliments and questions about the unique construction and beauty of the necklace.  When it was stolen from my house in a robbery, my heart was broken.  The owner of Simple Sea Glass was so helpful in providing me documentation about the necklace for my insurance claim that the first thing I bought with my insurance payment was a new necklace from her! Each piece is so different and so much love goes into the design and craft.  I can't recommend SSG enough for their excellent craftsmanship and attention to customer service". - Molly from Cambridge, MA

 "I am amazed at how intricate this necklace really is, pictures alone do not do it justice! The thoughtful work put into it makes this necklace truly a one of a kind piece. I am so happy to have chosen this one! Thank you so much!" -Becky from Middletown, Maryland 

"Thank you so much for my wonderful bracelet! It is even more beautiful in person than pictures can show, the daylight catches the depth of the red glass in a way only discernible with the human eye. The fit is also very comfortable, it is a truly unique bracelet and I will always cherish it." -Violet from Glenwood Springs, Colorado

"Simple Sea Glass helped me find the perfect gift for my wife. They have beautiful jewelery, great friendly service and fast shipping. I will definitely shop there again!"   -Peter from Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada

"I love my new Simple Sea Glass earrings.  They are truly unique, beautiful and they make my neck look long and graceful (always a plus!). My earrings arrived 2 days after I sent in my order.  They are more lovely than they even appeared on the website, and they are obviously well-made and high quality." -Roni from Sumner, WA

"I just love my new earrings! They are so fun to wear, what a great gift to myself. Thank you so much!" - Jen from Boston

"Thanks for the wonderful necklace my wife fell in love with it when I gave it to her as an anniversary gift. We are both artists and we really enjoy the craftsmanship that went into this piece." - Scott from San Diego, CA

"Dear Simple Sea Glass, I bought these earrings for my sister and have not yet given them to her because I love them so much. I may have to purchase another pair! They are just wonderful and whimsical." - Anne from Salem, Oregon

"The earrings I ordered came so quickly, and I like the packaging a bunch, the little tin is super cute. What a great pair of earrings, thank you!" - Lucy from Falcon Heights, Minnesota

"This bracelet is so cool, how unique! It fits my arm perfectly. I just got it in the mail, went out to the market and got a complement from the check out clerk. Thanks!" - Holly from Austin, TX

"These earrings hang so well, I love the way the dangle from my ears. The silver work is very unique and done so simply it compliments the clean look of the white sea glass. They are my new favorite pair!" - Kimberly from Miami, FL

"The sea glass hanging from this necklace is so beautiful. I love the cobalt blue glass and the frost from many years in the ocean has given it such character. I also really like how you have drilled the glass, it showcases the piece so well and is placed just right so that it hangs on my neck perfectly.  Thank you for my lovely necklace!"- Erin from New Brunswick, Canada

"My cousin loves her earrings I gave her for her birthday, thanks so much!" - Katrina from Gig Harbor, WA

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